Buy Local

The Southaven Chamber advocates for local commerce. We are always looking for opportunities to push residents and visitors toward local vendors, especially our members. We’re constantly promoting our members’ businesses through our website and social media accounts, as well as through phone calls and in-person inquiries. This allows us to...Read More »


Our members have access to a number of opportunities for brand exposure to business owners across the region throughout the year. These opportunities include digital and print advertising; branded contributions to our blog and e-newsletter; social media mentions; event promotion; and event and award sponsorships. “The Southaven Chamber of Commerce...Read More »

Building Relationships

The Southaven Chamber of Commerce provides members with numerous networking opportunities. Our networking events include luncheons, after-work cocktails and monthly online communications, among others. But this isn’t your average networking opportunity. We leverage the Chamber’s role in the business community to bring together business leaders from diverse backgrounds who can...Read More »

Is Your Business Seasonal? How to Utilize the Off-Season to Benefit Your Small Business

Many small businesses are seasonal in nature. When your off-season hits, you can take a sigh of relief, but don’t rest on your laurels! Smart business owners don’t think of slow times as an “off-season”; they take advantage of this time to strengthen areas of their business that need it...Read More »

What’s in a Brand? The Importance of Delivering a Consistent Message

There aren’t many things you can order at a restaurant in Beijing, San Francisco and Milan using the same word, but there is one: Coca-Cola. The brand is so powerful its message supersedes language barriers. Through consistent messaging about its brand, Coca-Cola has found years of success. Your small business...Read More »

3 Ways to Make Your Corporate Culture Stand Out

Corporate culture is an idea that is often associated with large companies in elaborate offices, like Google and Disney, but corporate culture exists in businesses of all sizes. Culture does not have to be elaborate; it is simply the beliefs and actions that drive your business. Small businesses can benefit...Read More »

Advertising on a Budget

A strong marketing and advertising plan is vital to the success of any business, especially a small one. It seems simple, doesn’t it? So, why isn’t every business using the same marketing and advertising practices equally? Because these costs can add up quickly, and most small businesses can’t afford to...Read More »

Small Business Trends in 2016

With several weeks under our belt in the New Year, how successful have you been at keeping those New Year’s resolutions you made? Furthermore, did you think to make ones for your small business? The good news is you still have time to work on both, and we encourage you...Read More »

You Can’t Have Success Without Great Customer Service

Lackluster customer service costs American businesses more than $41 million each year. Educated and congenial customer service is vital for success in a consumer-driven market, and good customer service requires that all members of your company perform at their best in order to retain customers and increase sales. It may...Read More »

Shining a spotlight on Southaven

Although the Chamber is focused on commerce within our city, most importantly, we want to see our entire community flourish. It’s easy to get excited about the recent changes in Southaven, from new retail projects to improved infrastructure and updated entertainment venues and parks, Southaven has a lot of activity...Read More »