What’s in a Brand? The Importance of Delivering a Consistent Message

There aren’t many things you can order at a restaurant in Beijing, San Francisco and Milan using the same word, but there is one: Coca-Cola. The brand is so powerful its message supersedes language barriers. Through consistent messaging about its brand, Coca-Cola has found years of success.

Your small business may not bring a product to the world market, but you can still benefit from a strong brand presence. Here are some elements to consider while defining and refining your brand and messaging:


Brands are built upon consistency, and your small business stands to benefit immensely from a strong brand. But, consistent messaging that does not tell the right story is pointless. Look at your brand as it exists today. Is it communicating a clear message to your consumers? If not, it may be time for a rebrand.

Refined message.

Several major companies have benefited from rebranding and refining their message. For example, CVS recently removed cigarettes from its store shelves. The company’s leaders determined that having the item in their stores conflicted with the health-focused CVS brand. Removing tobacco products was one pivotal portion of the company’s successful rebrand from “CVS Caremark” to “CVS Health.”

Consideration of others’ perception.

If your messaging is not clear and consistent, you may confuse consumers. Considering outside perception is crucial when crafting your messaging materials. Remember that your understanding of your business and its intent far exceeds that of the average consumer.

Don’t assume that your target customer will understand easily. Do your research. It may be helpful to seek reviews before sending out a message. Ask if the message makes sense with your brand and if it is consistent with the story you are trying to tell. This simple exercise could help alleviate consumer brand confusion down the line.

Ultimately, your brand should build consumer relationships that drive product sales. Coca-Cola has been forging customer relationships over years of consistent messaging. Similarly, if you devote time to building your brand and communicating your story consistently, your business will also reap the rewards.