3 Ways to Make Your Corporate Culture Stand Out

Corporate culture is an idea that is often associated with large companies in elaborate offices, like Google and Disney, but corporate culture exists in businesses of all sizes. Culture does not have to be elaborate; it is simply the beliefs and actions that drive your business. Small businesses can benefit from emphasizing their corporate culture, and it’s not as difficult to shine as you might think! Here are some simple steps to help your small business’ culture stand out.

  1. Take time to refine your culture.

To make your culture stand out, you first have to know what your culture is. It’s something that has been growing and evolving naturally since the day you opened. You don’t have to create it, but it is something that you have to take time to refine and enhance.

Think about the factors that drive how you interact with your clients and employees. These factors are the basis of your culture. Now, decide how you could practically apply these beliefs to your business. For example, if one of your driving principles is “we believe in serving our local community,” you may implement an annual local service project as part of your corporate culture. The idea of serving the community was already present, but you exemplified this belief by adding a service project to your culture.

  1. Seek input from your employees.

Nobody knows your business better than the people who help you keep it running. And, for employees to keep it running smoothly, they need to be actively engaged. Although engagement is partially a personal choice, business owners can seek to engage their employees by collecting their input and applying their beliefs to corporate culture. Take time to learn what your employees like about the business and how they would like to see it improve and grow in the future. This seemingly small act shows mutual respect and can impact your bottom line.

Your staff represents your business to your customers, and their feelings about your business show. Engaged employees directly impact sales and customer experiences – Gallup found that businesses with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202 percent. Simply put, including your team’s thoughts in your corporate culture is an impactful way to engage your employees and make your culture stand out, especially to your customers.

  1. Live your culture every day.

Refining your culture and collecting employee input does little good to help your business’ culture stand out if it isn’t incorporated into your daily operations. One of the easiest ways to hold your business accountable to your culture is to create a culture book that details your beliefs. This book will help to organize your thoughts and serve as a reference to all future employees. As your business grows and changes, so should your culture book. This will become a living document and reference for you as you move forward in business.

Remember, corporate culture isn’t just for Fortune 500 companies, but establishing culture well can help you stand out to your customers. So, who knows, with hard work and a well-defined culture, you may find your business listed in Fortune someday.